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For a Sufi music is food of the Soul and the source of all perfection. Hazrat Inayat Khan 1915
One of Heart
The Voice & Music of HAZRAT INAYAT KHAN
SUFI MUSIC of INAYAT KHAN - THE MUSIC OF THE MESSAGE. A chronologic survey of the musical events of Inayat Khan and his Companions. Summary by Alim Vosteen of Sufilab - Sufi Lovehood All-Beloved- for Sufi Archives Recordings – SAR Music Productions. 1890 before and around this music survey started all in India. In America there was to held an important prestige conference on Indian Music. Maula Baksh was invited, but considered by the Family too old and too vulnerable. The young Inayat was yet obvious too young for his intense longing to travel to the West.
Grandfather Maula Bhakhs
Father Rahmat Khan
Professor Inayat Khan
1906 Gyanshala Baroda The Maharajah Sayaji Rao Geakwar founded the First Indian Academy of Music in Baroda, Maula Bhakhs, the grandfather of Inayat Khan, was appointed as the first Director of this Gayan Shala, this was the dream of his life and the future fortune for his musical family.