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For a Sufi music is food of the Soul and the source of all perfection. Hazrat Inayat Khan 1915
One of Heart
2 Sufi Message; 3' text of the speech: Beloved one's of God. (The) Sufi Message is the Message of today been given to humanity. It is not the Message of the East, but it is the Message of the soul, of the spirit. The Sufi word means wisdom, which comes from the root Sofia. It is the work of that wisdom to give the message today to humanity, in order that people may come together in a better understanding, arriving beyond the different sections of cast and creed which divide mankind. The Sufi Message is an answer to the cry of humanity today, at this moment when materialism as all-pervading and commercialism is continually on the increase. The Sufi Message respects all religions, recognises all scriptures, regards all the Prophets held in esteem by large sections of humanity and sees the source and goal of all its wisdom in One
3 Invocation; 1' Allahhu Akbar, Allahahu Akbar "Takbir " La illaha illa 'llah, Allahhu Akbar, Allahahu Akbar Wa Lillah il hamd. God is All-Great, God is All-Great; God is greater than our imagination; Nothing exist save God, there is no reality than God Al-One; God is All-Great, God is All-Great; God is greater than our limitations; God is to be Praised! God is the Perfection that is to be praised!
1 Song of Asif; 4' Translation of the song from the Urdu in Hindustani Lyrics by Inayat Khan and Jessie Duncan Westbrook, London 1919. see in download
Notes to the only recording of Pir-o-Murshids voice in the West on 1925 while given the Message of Spiritual Liberty, the Sufi Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty by sufilab. Download complete notes as PDF file made by SufiLab.
From the handwritten postcard of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan to Murshida Fazal May
Tuesday, Berlin My blessed Murshida, (19 oct.1924.) One lecture I gave with a bad translator & the other I am to give. Many are to be received in the order & the cause is going on further every day. I thank you for your prayers which I feel beyond words. A museum is to take down my voice in the gramophone records to keep for the coming generation. With many hearty blessings, Murshid
Pir-o-Murshid in Berlin
Song of Asif
Sufi Message