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THE HISTORY OF SUFISM or BACK TO THE FUTURE The making of the message of spiritual liberty
The future lies in the understanding of the history. More coming soon!
We read in "The Sufi", A Quarterly Sufi Message, Editor Inayat Khan, London April 1916; (Vol. II, No.1, 6d. net, 28 pagina's) The Sufi Order. The Sufi Order was first introduced into the Western world in 1910 by Inayat Khan, the pioneer exponent of Sufism and Oriental Music. The word Sufi is derived from the Arabic word "Sufa or Saf," literally meaning pure (i.e., pure from differences and distinctions. In Greek it means "wise", and in Persian "wool." Sufis were thus named from their woollen garments. The central idea of Sufism is believed to have existed from the beginning of creation. Traces of Sufism are to be found in all periods of history, but mostly during the age of Hebrew prophets and ecstatics, who themselves were Sufis. Abraham, Moses, and Jesus propagated Sufism until the coming of Mohammed, by whom the Order was regulated, while it was advanced by Ali and Siddik. Sufism was intellectually born in Arabia, devotionally reared in Persia, and spiritually completed in India. The Sufi Teachings. 1. To overcome beliefs and disbeliefs by self-realisation. 2. Never to be enslaved by Principles. 3. That the best moral is Love, and the most praiseworthy Beauty. 4. To be pure from distinctions and differences by realising the One. 5. That wisdom is the true religion. 6. That Harmony is in Justice, while Justice lies in reciprocity. 7. That music is food of the Soul and the source of all perfection. The Aims of the Sufi Movement in the West To bring to the notice of the Western World the spiritual and moral culture of the Orient. To bring to the notice of the East the essential characteristics of Western progress. To provide a religion of Love and wisdom, so that the variety of faiths and beliefs may cease to exist. To spread the knowledge of unity, so that the human heart may overflow with love, and all hatred be rooted out. To reveal the Beauty of God, the Unseen and the Unperceivable, in the realm of music and poetry. To disclose to Humanity the true object of life, without interfering with custom or religion. To simplify mysticism by a logical and scientific training. The full content of the Sufi 1915-1918 is published to the benefit of independent seekers. The Sufi Quarterlies 1919-1920 are publshed also, to order see www.nekbakhtfoundation,org
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