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1909 Professor Inayat Khan made his first record session in Calcutta for 16 records 78 rpm with 31 traditional Indian songs It proved to be the only one of three yearly contractual sessions caused by Inayat’s leaving with his Companions in 1910 to America and the Western world. These records were in time for long considered to be the lost records not to be found. See in 1994 when they were remastered from the original takes of EMI Archive in London on two expensive CD’s with a splendid inlay and on a cheaper music cassette with 30 songs. See also 1998 when they were non commercial remastered by Alim Vosteen for Sufi Archives Recordings for more natural sound with right pitch and less noise, on two CD’s SAR. Since then they are happily more used as representation of Murshid’s Indian Voice. 1914 During their stay in Moscow many music events take place. Of these events are known much of the music for the play Shakuntala. Songs, arrangements and orchestrations are later found and executed. A draft for a play Omar Khayyam was later found. Some songs of this play are remembered and preserved by Murshid Musharaff Khan and by his piano accompanist Hakim van Lohuizen. The Sufi Friends in Russia have done great work to find documents of their residence in Moscow. 1915-1920 During their stay in London there were all kind of music activities. Concerts, eastern music teachings and also western music learning. From Hazrat Inayat Khan is preserved the song of invocation he used for opening of his lectures in America. From his brother Sheikh Maheboob Khan there were published seven songs with piano accompaniments, published in the early Sufi Quarterlies. Sheikh Maheboob was also the Head of the Music Department of the Order. From Murshid Ali Khan are known three songs and a piano composition for opening and singing in the newly started Universal Worship. 1924 Murshid Inayat Khan was in Berlin 1924 and made a recording of a Song, a Speech and an Invocation. The records are indicated with the date1925.
See in 1988 when this secret and sacred recording of Murshids voice in the West was first published by Alim Vosteen for Sufi Archive Recordings first on MC and in 1999 on CD. Since then the Voice of Inayat sounds all over the world, also to hear on Youtube Sufilab. 1925 Maheboob Khan together with Musharaff Khan made in 1925 each 7 records 78 rpm with 14 traditional Indian songs belonging to the tradition of the Family, In the twenties and thirties they made frequently Indian music performances together. For Maheboob Khan it is still the only known recording of his voice.
1926 In the Summerschool in Suresnes an amateur mute film was taken by Jan Wildschut of three minutes as a memory on his way to the Netherlands Indies. On Murshid’s request he made also a film from the ceremony of the first stone laying for the Universal and of the establishing the Confraternity of the Sufi Message for another 3 minutes. They are the only known film pictures of Hazart Inayat Khan. In 1967 Summer school a film copy silent super 8 improved made by Pherooz Pool was sold of the ceremonial part. Since then these pictures are widespread in all sizes and qualities, see also on youtube. Further recent efforts to better the copy quality from both originals are not yet very successful,
1948 From Murshid Ali Khan 3 Sufi songs were recorded by Sweden Radio on two 78 rpm Records. Recently found and worked up to hear as youtube video clip 2019 by Alim Vosteen SufiLab. 1955-1967 Tape recordings of speeches and songs by Murshid Ali Khan en Murshid Musharaff Khan were faithful made by Murshida Shahzadi Khan-de Koningh and from 1967 by Alim Vosteen. These tape recordings are in 2019 all digitalised by Alim Vosteen for further ordering. This large historic sound archive includes recordings from ca 1955 till 1967 and contains: ca 24 hrs Speech, 18 hrs Sama Songs, 12 hrs Concerts, 18 hrs Piano Songs. 1958 In 1958 a memorial record 45 rpm was made of Pir-o-Murshid M. Ali Khan as a gift by Metronome Records Denmark with four songs. Piano accompaniment by Halima Lange. Now to hear on Youtube clip Sufilab 2019 by Alim Vosteen. 1968 In 1968 a memorial record 45 rpm was made of Pir-o-Murshid Musharaff Khan with 6 sufi songs with piano accompaniment and comments by Hakim van Lohuizen. Produced and executed by Alim Vosteen. Now to hear on Youtube Sufilab 2019. More on Sufi Music of Inayat Khan - Music of the Message in download as PDF file.
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