SufiLab Alim Vosteen
77 SONG OF THE SUFI MESSAGE 77 Every step in Thy Path Vadan Raga Bismillah Alhamdulillah La Illaha Il Allah – refrain Every step in Thy path draws me nearer to Thee; every breath in Thy thought exhilarates my spirit; every glimpse of Thy smile is inspiring to my soul; every tear in Thy love, Beloved, exalts my being; 78 ALLAH YA HABIB – I cling to Thee Gayan Raga 78 Allah Ya Habib, Ya Habibul Allah, Allah Ya Habib – refrain I cling to Thee with a child's faith, bearing Thy most lovely image in my heart. I sought refuge in Thy bosom, Beloved, and I am safe, feeling Thine arms around me. 79 JAP – Hamsa Um Soham Um – I am You, You are Me 79 I am Love – Hamsa Um; I am That, I am what I am; I am Light – Hamsa Um; I am Life – Hamsa Um; I am You – Hamsa Um; I am That, I am what I am; You are Love – Soham Um; That I am, That is what I am; You are Light – Soham Um; You are Life – Soham Um; You are Me – Soham Um; That I am, That is what I am. 80 VISALAT – I am Yourself; from Rumi Vuslat Konya 80 I am your Ear – Hear Me! I am your Eye – See Me! I am your Hand – Feel Me! I am your Heart – Love Me! I am your Soul – Be Me! I am Yourself! This world is our Khanekah, the world of the Heart, There is no need for separation, all Masters are pupils of Love!
Visalat from Rumi
Jap I am what I am
I Cling to Thee
Every step in Thy Path
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