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For a Sufi music is food of the Soul and the source of all perfection. Hazrat Inayat Khan 1915
One of Heart
Maheboob Khan Piano Songs 16tr.mp3
Maheboob Khan Piano Songs 16tr.mp3
Maheboob Khan Piano Songs 16tr.mp3
Maheboob Khan more Piano Songs 2008 29tr.mp3
Maheboob Khan more Piano Songs spoken intro NL 56tr.mp3
Recorded in the Universel SS 2000 and SS 17-07-2008 Piano Jalaluddin van Lohuizen
From Sheikh Maheboob Khan 13 original scores for voice & piano were published by East West Publications in 1988. An important anthology, preface by Sheikh Mahmood Khan, edited and notes from Hakim van Lohuizen and translations from Harunnissa Khanim Maulabakhsh.
Earlier separate editions were 7 songs in 1915-20; 3 same in 1924; 7 in 1932; total 11 songs; There are still more songs not published, but recorded as piano takes of them < 10 songs more. So there are still more songs to publish. Some were also life recorded sung by the Murshids. The piano takes of nearly all the compositions of the Murshids by Hakim Jelaluddin van Lohuizen are recorded by me in the Universel in 2000 and 2008 and published on three CD’s first and one more with ”left overs” and one extra with Jelaluddin’s own dutch intro’s and comments.
Maheboob & Musharaff in Concert
Scores of Sufi Songs by Maheboob Khan Poems Hazrat Inayat Khan
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