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Ya Hazrat-i-Inayat Khan may God sanctify his Secret
Mysticism is the heart of Religion and the soul and center of Life. Sufi Lovehood is a transforming state of the lovers and the seekers of the All-Beloved. Sufi heartsinging is the devote expression of love to the manifesting Beloved. Love forms the mirror of the heart and devotion builds the temple of your soul. Never forget to look to your human self that needs no authorisation to become One. Real lovers transform the self and are rebellious against all pretension, falsehood and conceit. Clear the mirror of your heart and call your Beloved in the temple by sacred singing and dancing. Become a real Human Being and behave Responsible! The old website has fallen out the digital sky for some years and I try to build a more solid All the known Music of the Sufi Message will be in it and all the Heartsongs of Sufi Heartsinging. The Sufi Serai is the home of the homesick and is now as pensioned but still echoing Huuu!
SUFILAB Sufi Lovehood All-Beloved;
A Sufi has to overcome beliefs and disbeliefs by self-realisation, and never be enslaved by principles. Hazrat Inayat Khan 1915
One of Heart
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Inspirer of my mind; Consoler of my heart; Healer of my spirt;
Dawings by Saida van Tuyll Henriette Willebeek Le Maire
sufilab one of heart
THE VOICE of INAYAT KHAN 1924 hear on youtube sufilab
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